Please see below photographs of EPDM Installations carried out by Rix Roofing (Kent)


EPDM 1.jpg

This shows an Firestone EPDM Flat roof. This was installed in one piece of Rubber membrane, so there are no joins, seams or laps. This means 'NO LEAKS" EVER !


This picture shows a new Firestone EPDM Flat Roof with a UPVC Edge trim.

      These roofs come with a


This is a before and after picture of a flat roof which the client had years of endless problems. After we installed this roof in Firestone EPDM in 2010, needless to say all the problems have now been resolved.


This shows a finished permanent UPVC drip trim.

This is white UPVC shiplap Cladding. We only use high quality materials and this UPVC is an Forever white so it will not turn yellow or fade in years to come

This is a small Porch Roof finished in Fiestone EPDM and new UPVC Cladding and Fascia.